Four Seasons in conjunction with Gateway Dialysis Center now offers hemodialysis treatments on site for patients with end stage renal disease.

Gateway Dialysis Center is a modern, fully equipped dialysis center located on the premises of Four Seasons.


Our residents no longer need to make numerous trips every week by ambulette/ambulance to off site dialysis centers. Our residents do not miss their daily meals and activities and can maximize their time spent in crucial rehabilitation sessions.

By offering this service we allow our residents to reach their goal of returning home as quickly as possible.

Our Renal Care Team comprised of board certified Nephrologists, RN’s, Renal Dietitians and Certified Social Workers, coordinate the medical, psychosocial and nutritional needs of the dialysis patients.

This team develops a comprehensive care plan that focuses on helping each patient to reach his optimal level of wellness.


Quality of Life

Gateway Dialysis Center

1170 East 98th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11236
Tel: 718-223-2100
Fax: 718-223-2110