In-House Pharmacy

Four Season Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is the only long-term-care-facility in Brooklyn and Queens to have a state-of-the art in-house pharmacy utilizing sophisticated software in the maintenance of patient profiles, monitoring of potential drug-drug interactions, reduction of adverse effects as well as a comprehensive patient education module. In addition, the pharmacy is also connected to the long-term-care-facility’s electronic medical record program, SigmaCare®.

The pharmacy is the only in-house long-term-care facility that utilizes the AutoMed® EXP Dispensing System.

The system provides for the packaging of “co-mingled medications” according to their time of administration. This results in reduced nursing administration time, medication errors as well as pharmacy dispensing errors. Medications are typically dispensed in a 7-day supply; however the automated dispensing system can accommodate any desired time frame.

Because it is an in-house pharmacy that is part of a long-term-care facility, it is also capable of dispensing medications to their residents within minutes of a receipt of an order much like a hospital-based pharmacy. Furthermore, an after-hours electronic pharmacy dispensing machine is based within the facility and may be accessed by the Nursing Supervisor in the event medications are needed when the pharmacy is closed. Residents can now truly receive medications, 24-hours a day seven days a week.

For our Residents returning back to the community we realize that this can be a very hectic and busy time for the patient and family. It is for that reason our Pharmacy provides our patients with the option of receiving a 30-day supply of their current medications upon discharge, all billable to their respective insurance wherever possible.