The Therapeutic Recreation (TR) Department at Four Seasons Nursing & Rehabilitation Center coordinates and plans all therapeutic activities for all Four Seasons residents. Each patient’s

leisure history, routines and preferences are incorporated in each resident’s plan of care, allowing the TR staff to develop structured therapeutic programs based on the resident’s needs, interests and strengths. For those residents on our Ventilator Unit who are medically complex, our unique sensory stimulation programs are developed allowing all residents to receive services in a supportive and non restrictive environment.

For our residents with independent leisure and recreation pursuits, we offer educational and leisure time programs including art therapy, music therapy, books, magazines, movies, crafts, competitive board games, current events, discussion groups, as well as, computer on-line access.

It is also the work of the Therapeutic Recreation staff that contributes most directly to the “community” atmosphere at Four Seasons and brings all residents of all types together into one “family.” Most activities are designed in a way that helps to create an environment that promotes well-being, self-esteem, enhances accomplishment and provides for opportunities for socialization and friendship with peers for all residents and patients.

In addition, the TR Department offers trips and excursions to the Big Apple Circus, Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular, the local mall and restaurants. Some other events include, Annual Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving Luncheons, Father’s Day Program, Atlantic City Casino Day, Black & Silver Candlelight Dinner and an evening Hawaiian Nite Summer Blow Out Event.