Respiratory/Vent Unit

Our Respiratory/Vent unit provides all encompassing care, dedicated exclusively to providing quality care and optimizing independence with a focus on weaning residents off the ventilator whenever possible.

Some residents can become dependent upon ventilator support.  Residents with COPD, emphysema or chronic bronchitis often experience ventilator dependency.

We pride ourselves as having one of the highest rates of weaning residents from ventilator dependency. The best protocol for each resident is determined by our outstanding interdisciplinary team who review a resident’s care from every angle.  Our team of highly trained Respiratory Therapists regularly monitor residents and equipment and work seamlessly with our Pulmonary Physician as well as our attentive and mindful Nurses and Aides.    Our OT and PT staff initiate bedside rehab focusing on achieving basic skills necessary for daily living.

Our team is also comprised of a registered dietician who ensures that the very best nutritional support is being provided to our vent residents, as this is essential to successfully weaning residents who are ventilator dependent.

Weaning programs are developed for best resident outcomes.  Once a resident is off the respirator, the next step involves the removal of the tracheostomy tube. Skilled intervention concentrates on strengthening and reconditioning through a program of dcannulation and progressive rehabilitation.

The Four Seasons team employs a combination of compassion and cutting edge technology to ensure that these residents enjoy maximum quality of life.  Our Therapeutic Recreation Team evaluates residents at all function levels and design activities to commensurate with their abilities and their goals.