We are proud of the feedback we receive from our residents as well as their family members. Hopefully you will find them informative and they will provide you with a glimpse into our special relationship with our residents.

Thankful to the Entire 5th Floor Family

To Whom It May Concern,
The advent of my father's dire transfer to the Four Seasons Nursing and Rehabilitation Center was no happy time for the Molluso family. My father has become very depleted after suffering clear-cut abuse and negligence in, what had been termed to us, one of the best nursing homes in Brooklyn. Desperate to flee that milieu, we felt, in short, relegated to Four Seasons, unknown to us, with its new ventilator wing.

Well, they say G-d works in mysterious ways. Since arriving here in Four Seasons, my father's health has vastly improved. The 5th floor intake-team, which greeted my father, immediately impressed as tops and has redoubled that impression many times in their roles as nurses, respiratory therapists, aides and nutritionists. Social Worker Alanna Fuchs has been linchpin, and all services are well-integrated and vertical. The staff, one and all, are an ideal mix of sky-high competency and nurturing warmth, no doubt the product of rarified hiring, rigorous training, and a genuine concern for others. One sense a wellness on the 5th floor. All is orderly, immaculate and timely. Special items from Prostatin to Hoyer lifts appear like clockwork. Overall, devotion to the patient is staggering; greta vision and investment are evidenced in the unit's efforts.

As a worker in Health Care and Risk Management, I believe the 5th floor Ventilator Wing of Four Seasons will earn accolade for its conduct, become a standard for audit success, and an instructive venue for peer review. My father, Pasquale Molluso, is very thankful to the entire 5th floor family.

Sincerely Yours,
Christopher Molluso

To: Alana and 4th floor staff

Thank you for everything. my father was well taken care of at your facility, and today he is doing fine at home as you can see.

He has been eating on his own; the feeding tube was removed and he is happy to be at home with his family.

It's been tough taking care of him at home, but every time I wake up and see him smiling at me and at night before I go to bed, I'll say "Daddy, I love you," and he replies "I know." It makes it all worth it.

Ernest & Marjorie

I must thank you for helping me to again be able to go on and function with all aspects of my daily life. I never imagined your facility to be so great.

Mary S.

I feel well equipped to proceed to the next phase of my rehabilitation. Your model of leadership of the Four Seasons Rehabilitation Department is commendable. It was always a joy to come to therapy.
Shirley O.

My mother came to your facility in a wheelchair and walked out on her own feet!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!.
Nancy Gubel

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you and your Rehab Staff for taking such great care in facilitating my recovery during my three week stay. They provided excellent support and motivation during my physical rehab. They were also very courteous, always concerned about my progress and very caring.. Althea

Ms. Althea B.

They gave me care with such love and concern that I felt confident that I would recover. This comes from my heart.
Muriel L.

They gave me the best rehab and opportunity at recovery and living again!
Alice G. L.

Your speech therapist worked with my father daily to improve his speaking after his stroke. We cannot thank you enough.

Roger Gibbs.

I could not swallow food for over a month and your facility helped me and encouraged me to try to eat. I am now at home eating on my own. Your help is great appreciated.
Lizzy Fishbein.